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When is a septic inspection needed?

  1. When you are buying a house that is not on city sewer:

Having a septic inspection done on a house you want to purchase will uncover any possible hidden issues so that you can make an informed decision BEFORE you buy the house and minimize any out of pocket expenses on repairs that may need to be done.

These are the most common issues we find:

  1. Leaking septic tank

  2. Corroded outlet tee

  3. Deteriorated distribution box

  4. Ponding or surfacing in leach field

  5. Non-functioning septic pumps, floats, control panels, and audible and visual alarms for the pump tank


  1. If you are experiencing problems with your septic system:

 Inspecting your system will help you to determine the best course of action to resolve the issues you are having.


These are some of the more typical problems associated with older septic systems: 

  1. Ponding in the yard or near the septic tank

  2. Clogged outlet filter

  3. Effluent not leaving the tank

  4. The alarm going off